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Divisores de coordenadas

Divisores de coordenadas

BELFLEX Semi-Universal Dividing Head BS-0-J5

- The vertical divisor can divide at any direct, indirect angle or by different methods;

- Tempered spindle and is rigidly held in a tapered roller bearing;

- The endless shaft is also tempered;

- The rotating head can be locked at any angle from 10º to 90º with a precision of adjustment to the base that ensures a smooth rotation;

- All models have a threaded spindle nose and 24 holes with an easy conversion plate for direct and fast indexing in numbers 2,3,4,6,8,12 and 24;

- Easy indexing of all numbers from 2 to 50 and many numbers from 52 to 380;

- Its exact precision, good appearance and strong structure ensures smooth rotation.

963,74 € Price