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Acessórios para ferramentas elétricas

Acessórios para ferramentas elétricas

Replacement Spool Line 37,5M 1,6mm

Replacement Spool Line 37,5M 1,6mm. Replacement line of 37,5 meters long and 1,6mm in diameter. Twisted yarnfor better cutting and greater resistance, Single reflex of a yarn:GL280, GL301, GLC13, GLC2500, GLC3000, D609, GL110, GL320, GL325, GL300,GL200, GL220, GL2255, GL420, GL4525, GL5028, GLC1423L, GLC1823L / L20,ST4252, ST5530, ST5530CM, ST1823, ST182320, BEAST / BEAST, BDST182ST1and GLC3630L20.

Replacement Spool Line 10M 1.6mm

Replacement Spool Line 10M 1.6mm. Replacement line of 10 meters long and 1.6mm in diameter. For modelswith single-wire Reflex Simple wire feed system: GL280, GL301, GLC13,GLC2500, GLC3000, D609, GL110, GL320, GL325, GL300, GL200, GL220,GL225S, GL420, GL4525, GL5028, GLC1423L, GLC1823L , GLC1823L20,GLC1825L, GLC1825L20, ST4525, ST5530, ST5530CM, ST1823, ST182320,STC1815, STC1820CM, ST1820PC, ST1820EPC, STC1840EPC, BEAST / BEAST,BDST1825T1 and GLC3630L20.