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Concrete Drills

Concrete Drills

DeWalt XLR SDS Plus With Carbon Head Drill Bit 8x160mm

- The Innovative Full Head Carbide drill bit offers the highest levels of performance to users with the hardest applications.

- Superior carbide grade and geometry ensures greater resistance to breakage and premature wear to ensure maximum drill bit life and durability.

- Four cutter geometry delivers maximum hole concentricity for better fixing retention.

7,49 € Price
DeWalt Extreme Masonry Drill 3-Sided Shank 5x150mm

- The innovative Extreme Masonry bit offers excellent quality for all types of masonry work.

- Lasts up to 2x longer and delivers up to 50% more holes per charge than a standard masonry bit providing cleaner, more accurate holes for improved fixing.

- Unique Carbide Grade- optimum grade maximises durability.

- Innovative Tip Design-unique design provides an efficient drilling action & reduced walking for greater accuracy.

2,76 € Price