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Tupias e faceadoras

Tupias e faceadoras

DeWalt Variable Speed Plunge Router 2000W - 20000rpm (6-12mm)

Electronic speed control ensures that the same fine finish is achieved in all grades of timber, aluminium and plastics since the full wave electronic control ensures the selected speed in maintained under any load;

-Soft start to eliminate small initial movements that might misalign the cutter, especially important with such a powerful router;

-Routing depth setting with fine adjustment and magnified scale for simple setting.

DeWalt 900W - 27000rpm (6-8mm) Premium Plunge & Fixed Base Router Combination

Full wave electronic speed control with feedback ensures the selected speed is maintained under any load for a consistent finish inall grades of timber, aluminium and plastics;

-Variable speed control 16,000 to 27,000 which enables the router bit to be optimised for application;

-Compact, light weight design that increase ease of use and user comfort.