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List of products by brand THOMSIT

Recommended by professionals for fixing floors and floor coverings, THOMSIT systems ensure the best results in the finishing of your works. The range of Thomsit glues allows for quality bonding and perfect joints on carpets, PVC, rubber, and linoleum.

THOMSIT Conductive PVC Glue K112 12Kg

- Conductive glue according to DIN standards;

- Ready to apply;

- For all conductive PVC coatings;

- Wet bonding or adhesion;

- Conductive PVC glue on PVC, when combined with conductive system products;

- High yield;

- Short waiting time (10-20 min.);

- Very high bond strength;

- Supports the load of chairs with wheels;

- Suitable for bonding on heated floors;

- Good storage stability.